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D-group is life changing for Stones woman

Lindsey Pebbles was very hesitant about joining a D-group.

In 2020, Ariel Eldridge, a D-group and lay leader at Stones Crossing Church, asked Lindsey if she wanted to join the group she leads.

“I was very hesitant at first because I am shy and I don’t like speaking out in groups,” said Lindsey. “I prayed about it, and I felt led to give it a try. I told Ariel that I would join but that I would be very quiet.”

Lindsey noted that Ariel said she “understood and she was very supportive of whatever decision I made.”
A self-proclaimed “shy” person, Lindsey was quiet at group—but not for long. Although she was adamant about not praying out loud in group, she felt brave enough to give it a try in their third study time together. So, she did. She prayed out loud at D-group.

Since then, she is more comfortable praying during D-group and will do occasionally. But she notes, laughingly, that she “will not be praying in front of the congregation.”

Lindsey knows her involvement in D-group is what has helped bring her closer to God and deepen her relationship with Him.

“I believe my heart is different since involvement,” said Lindsey. “I feel more engaged with my church family. God has, indeed, taught me so much through D-group. One study we did, I thought I was back in school! It was intense and had a lot of homework. It was great for me to go through that, it taught me more about having that hope in Christ.”

Lindsey and her sons first attended Stones Crossing Church in November 2016, when three of her coworkers, who also attend Stones, invited her. As a child she remembers attending church sporadically, like on Christmas and Easter, or with friends when special events were happening. But those church experiences didn’t help her learn about God or know Him.

“Stones is where I learned to love and follow Jesus!” said Lindsey.

As Lindsey lives life with two boys, (Jordan, 15, and Rylan, 7), she is deeply grateful for the community of friends that God has provided while attending Stones the past five years. She refers to these friends as her “3:00 a.m. friends” because she knows she “can reach out to these ladies anytime of the day or night.”
“D-group has brought me close to some very sweet sisters in Christ and while becoming closer to God was my favorite, this is my second most favorite thing about joining the group.”

Lindsey continues to be involved at Stones, all the while knowing that it’s her relationship with Jesus that has changed her life. Besides her D-group involvement, she’s grateful for the ways Stones has helped her grow in that relationship. Taking steps like becoming a member in 2020, getting baptized that same year, and faithfully attending events and Sunday mornings regularly have all provided opportunities to grow closer to Christ and build much-needed community.  

“Stones has 100 percent changed our lives,” said Lindsey. “God has changed our lives. Our family went through some really rough times, and I couldn’t have pulled us out if it weren’t for God.”
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