Sundays at 9a (Mask Required) + 10:45a (Mask Recommended)


Volunteer with Stones Crossing Kids

Stones Crossing Kids will not meet until further notice.

Out of care and concern for our families, we are waiting to reopen our children's ministry until we believe it is safe and manageable for everyone involved.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Have you ever looked at the face of a child when they experience something amazing for the first time? It is filled with awe, wonder, and excitement. You can’t help but be infected with that same awe when you witness it in a child. Unfortunately, we know there are tremendous weights and burdens that stifle that wonder and amazement in kids. Competing priorities, unresolved emotions, and worry are just a few of the current struggles facing our children today. And at the core of it all is sin.

Stones Crossing Kids helps every child experience wonder and excitement as they come to know their value and identity in Jesus Christ. Central to this is the gospel—the message that the God of the universe loves them, cares for them, and forgives them. We want the children of Stones to be amazed by Jesus Christ and all that He accomplished for us in His life, death, and resurrection. We want our kids to know that trusting in Jesus Christ will overcome every doubt, worry, and fear they may face. Through God’s Word, kids CAN see who Jesus truly is and why He is so amazing!

Sunday Mornings


Our 9a service is great for families who like to get lunch in early before afternoon naps or activities.


If you aren't the morning-type, we'd love to see you and your kids during our 10:45a service.

Here are some resources for you...

We believe that discipling the next generation requires a partnership between the Church and parents. We want to help equip and prepare you for conversations and moments that will shape your child's life forever. Whether that looks like getting a great book in your hands, helping you connect with our kids ministry, or plugging you in as a volunteer to help serve in kids ministry, we want to help you disciple your child.
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Here's some more info about how we run kids ministry on Sunday mornings.

What will my kids be learning?

Through large group story-telling and small group discussions, our aim is to help every child understand the gospel message. We do this by teaching through the Bible using The Gospel Project for Kids. The Gospel Project takes kids on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture where kids discover how the gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation. Through these lessons, kids learn biblical doctrine and appropriate application for their age level. We believe that when kids truly experience the gospel their hearts are transformed.

How will your team keep my kids safe?

Each week your family will be assigned a unique four-digit code. This code is specific to your family and changes week to week. When you check-in, you will be given printable stickers with your child’s name and family code. One sticker is placed on the child, one is placed on the classroom check-in sheet, and then you receive a parent pick-up tag. Only those with the matching parent pick-up tag will be permitted to pick up that child. Volunteers in Kids Crossing are required to submit and pass a thorough background check encompassing both state and federal databases. Small Group Leaders are required to be members of our church in good standing. Every volunteer is trained for emergency weather and evacuation situations.

Where should I go when I arrive?

When you arrive, our campus guides will make sure you and your kids are checked in and in the right classrooms. You can save time by pre-registering your kids! Your child will be assigned to a classroom based on age and/or grade level.

What if my kids need me during service?

If your child needs you during the service, your four-digit family code will appear on the side screens during the worship service. When your child’s number appears, please exit to the rear of the auditorium and a leader from Stones Crossing Kids will inform you of your child’s need and take you back to your child’s classroom.

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