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What is The Courtyard?
The Courtyard is an online system that helps our church to connect with one another, as well as manage our groups and teams. If you’ve ever filled out an online form, given to Stones Crossing Church, or checked in your kids at Kids Crossing, you’ve already interacted with it. We use The Courtyard for almost every administrative task that goes on behind the scenes!

How should I use The Courtyard?
The best way for you to use The Courtyard is to set up your online profile. Create an account, put your up-to-date information on there, and upload a great picture of yourself. This helps all of us to know who you are! Then you’ll see that every group and serving team you are a part of is represented in your groups. Through this, you’ll be able to communicate with your leaders and group members easily.

If you have questions about The Courtyard, or if you need help with your account, contact us!