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Scripture tells us that…

each member of the church belongs to the body of Christ, is becoming like Christ, and is going beyond themselves in service and evangelism. Our workshops are designed to grow you in these specific areas as you grow in your understanding of our mission and vision at Stones.

Workshop One // Belong

Every Christian belongs to God, and because of this every Christian also belongs to the body of Christ. You need other Christians, and other Christians need you. In this first session, find your next step toward belonging to God and to the church body.

Workshop Two // Become

As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are being molded into His likeness. While this is primarily the work of the Holy Spirit within us, there are some things we should do to cooperate with this process, and the local church can help! In particular, this workshop is your first step to get plugged into a D-Group. Learn what D-Groups are all about, meet D-Group Leaders, and start your journey of growing in Christ.

Workshop Three // Beyond

Every believer has gifts and talents that they have been given in order to strengthen the church and further God’s Kingdom here on earth. Learn about your gifts and find joy through serving others. If you’re ready to start serving the church and the world, this workshop is for you. We will help you to find how you are best suited to serve and you’ll be given a next step to start serving.

Workshop Four // Leadership

Biblical Leadership is not reserved for certain Christians, but every Christian leads in one way or another. We all have influence over those around us. Discover more about your leadership ability and start taking steps to grow in Biblical Leadership.


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